Free Europe People! Brothers Europeans!

We are from Ukraine. We call you at this difficult time for all.

We are manufacturers of non-woven eco bags. 
Our factory is located in Kiev and we resumed work from March 15 -

to the twentieth day of the Russian war against Ukraine.
At this time, our city was still subjected to attacks by the Russian aggressor,

ocket attacks and other attacks.
Now Ukraine needs help! Our economy is destroyed by war. The market of our products is almost destroyed.
But we won't give up! We continue to work!
We call to you - our brothers and sisters from Europe!
Our factory produces non-woven bags on modern automatic equipment. Own printing machines allow you to apply any images, logo, brands, etc. . We continue to do for you what we can do well - quality eco bags that make the world cleaner and bring our victory closer.
We look forward to your support and assistance during global terrible trials and challenges.
Your orders are very necessary for our country, our people who continue to work and do everything to restore peace and normalcy.
We guarantee fast manufacturing of your orders and high quality non woven bags.

Our factory has ISO 9001 :2015 certificates , ISO 14001 :2015 certificates
Our Company have experience in delivering our products to Europe before the war. Currently, we guarantee the timely delivery of your orders to any point in Europe within a maximum of ten days after shipment.
Visit our site  or (
Watch a short presentation about our company made before the war, as well as other videos from this channel

We offer you to choose ready bags from our range and stocks in stock or order bags with any other images, who, brands, etc.

If you have any questions or wishes - we will answer them as quickly and in detail as possible.

Екосумки на продаж | Ecobags for sale

Матеріал:100% Спанбонд | 100 % NON WOWEN

Замовлення від 100 шт, кратне 5 в асортименті |
Order from 100 pieces, multiple of 5 in assortment

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